Ohio (WTRF) – Medical marijuana patients in Ohio may soon be able to get more of the medication they need at one time. 

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is considering a resolution that would mean patients who use products with a higher THC content would be able to get a 90-day supply. 

Jason Erkes is a spokesperson for Cresco Labs, which owns the Sunnyside dispensary in Wintersville. He calls this a good step forward for patients. Erkes explains that medical marijuana products can’t be broken up, so patients weren’t able to make the medication they were allowed to get last the 90-days. 

It didn’t’ make sense. It wasn’t practical. It would be like buying extra strength Tylenol and hoping to break it down and spread it over the time you needed to take it, so this is a very positive move for patients.

Jason Erkes, Spokesperson, Cresco Labs

According to the resolution which will be placed before the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, patients with a non-terminal illness will be able to purchase nine ounces of plant material. Patients with terminal illness will have access to 10 ounces.

When this is approved it’s going to give a lot of relief for patients of not having to go back and forth to the dispensary to get their medication. They should be able to buy as much as they need for a 90-day supply without inconveniencing them. At the end of the day, this is medicine and they should be able to get it the same way they can from any other pharmacy.

Jason Erkes, Spokesperson, Cresco Labs

When this could take effect depends on the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. Members will reportedly vote on the resolution at their December meeting.