A middle school student has handed over a big check to Blessings In A Backpack, a program that helps students struggling with hunger.

It started months ago, when 6th grader Ian McConnell wore a Be Kind T-shirt to school.

Students noticed it.

So did one of his teachers.

That teacher, Mr. Schmidli, liked it so much he had one made for himself.

Then they both wore them on the same day.

When it hit social media, people started replying, saying they’d like a T shirt too.

So they had more T shirts made, and they sold them.

“And we turned it into a fundraiser to help the Blessings In A Backpack program here at the school,” Schmidli explained. “We sold the shirts and 40% of the proceeds went to the Blessings In A Backpack. We made donations in the amount of $684.”

They sold the T shirts for $10 each, and they had to pay the T shirt company $6 each.

So it was the $4 profit that amounted to the $684.

And Ian got a standing ovation from his fellow students in the auditorium as he presented the check.