CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team uncovered video giving us the first look at the arrest of the accused killer of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek.

Our investigation has found how Tamara McLoyd stayed on the streets despite charges in other cases involving guns.

Police found McLoyd hours after the officer had been carjacked and murdered while off-duty. It happened on New Year’s Eve on Rocky River Drive.

The video shows investigators arrested McLoyd outside a gas station and convenience store off East 55th Street. You see police cars swarm in, and a team of officers haul McLoyd to a patrol car.

She’d been on the run from other charges for months.

But, when the I-Team went to her address listed on court records, we got a glimpse of how she was able to stay on the run long before the murder of the officer.

Through a window, a woman at the house told us McLoyd doesn’t live there.

Just 18 years old, McLoyd has been charged with aggravated murder for killing officer Bartek, but she’d also been wanted since November for holding up a pizza shop.

She was also wanted in Strongsville in connection for  theft.

She’d been on probation since October for taking part in a home invasion involving a gun in Lorain County.

Additionally, she faced charges for a drive-by shooting in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, but, weeks ago, that case was dismissed when the victim didn’t show up.

Monday, a Cleveland judge ordered McLoyd held in jail for the officer’s murder with bond set at $5 million.

In court, an assistant county prosecutor said, “This defendant was also interviewed and also allegedly admitted to the shooting of our victim.”

The judge, at the end of the hearing, said, “Good luck, Ms. McLoyd.” 

She responded, “Thank you, so much.”

The I-Team learned investigators finally tracked down McLoyd, in part, through social media. We’ve learned, before this, detectives had tried multiple times to find her. 

Just days ago, investigators from multiple police departments had met to talk about this woman, accomplices and area carjackings and robberies.

Earlier, we showed you video of Richmond Heights Police arresting a man found in the car stolen from the police officer when he was killed.

Anthony Butler, Jr. was charged with receiving stolen property and more. He also has been ordered held in jail on $5 million bond.

We’ve learned investigators have found the gun used in the shooting of the officer.

Meanwhile, detectives are still gathering evidence and piecing together the story behind the case.

They are taking a hard look at these suspects for other crimes in Cleveland and the eastern and western suburbs.

Back at the home address of McLoyd, one final interaction with the woman at the window added more mystery. We asked if the police had ever been there, and the woman said, “No.”