ERIE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – A 20-year-old from Milan was arrested at a Perkins Township Walmart Saturday.

According to a police report from Perkins Township, employees at Walmart had asked Colyn Tusing to leave when he refused to wear a mask in the store.

Colyn Tusing

According to the report, the officer explained to Tusing that the issue was that he had been asked to leave and was now trespassing because Walmart is private property.

“What’s going with these people trying to make my decisions,” Tusing argued to the officer, the report states.

According to the officer, he again told Tusing he needed to wear a mask or leave.

The officer says Tusing began to walk away and pulled out brass knuckles.

According to the report, the officer stopped Tusing at that time and put him in handcuffs, telling him he was under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon.

The officer says Tusing also had a razor blade knife in his pocket.

According to the officer, Tusing referred to the brass knuckles as a “deadly weapon” and cursed at the officer.

Tusing is charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He was arraigned on the misdemeanor charge Tuesday.  Sheriff Paul Sigsworth says he remains at the Erie County Jail. Tusing has been banned from all Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs.

Perkins Township Police Chief Vince Donald says officers do not enforce the state’s curfew and mask orders. He says the officers do get involved if the situation turns to a criminal matter.

He added with the busy shopping season kicking off this weekend he is hoping everyone will follow the health orders.

“If  a business asks you to wear a mask, in my opinion, the best thing for you to do is wear the mask and comply with their rules,” Donald said.

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