ADENA, Ohio (WTRF) – Police sirens were heard throughout Adena on Thursday afternoon, leading the way for a VERY important convoy. 

Earlier this week, 7News told you about “Operation Adena Push: People Helping People” and its mission to send donations to those who were devastated by Hurricane Ian. 

Well, they ended up with quite a lot. 

Veterans organize “Operation Adena Push” to collect donations for Florida hurricane relief

An entire tractor trailer is stacked nearly to the top with donations of food, water, tools, clothing and more. 

It all happened in just five days. 

Those supplies and more than $13,000 in donations are headed to Pine Island in Florida.

Adena American Legion Post 525 has been in touch with Pine Island Post 156, which was completely destroyed, and the American Legion State Commander of Florida, which sent them to the hardest hit area. 

American Red Cross of the Ohio River Valley seeks volunteers for Florida recovery

The folks that we’re going to, the area that we’re going to is ground zero. They’re devastated. They’ve been cut off from society for a week. Yesterday they got their first three pickup trucks to the community for the first time. So, they just wanted to express their gratitude from Florida to everybody up here.

Dirk Harkins, Commander, Adena American Legion Post 525

Harkins and a few people from the Adena American Legion Post 525 are headed to Florida to help unload the supplies. 

The truck and driver were donated by Briar Ridge Auto to be able to transport all those donations. 

State Senator Frank Hoagland, who was involved with this effort, said the Ohio Legislature also added some donations to the truck.

That’s how we are in the Ohio Valley. It’s people helping people. They’ll take the shirt right off their back for ya. That’s how we were born and raised around here and that’s why I’m so grateful and appreciative to be here. Not one person batted an eye that I talked to. People came out of the woodwork to help that I didn’t expect to see. Every time you turn around there’s somebody else coming through the back door. What we did the past four days is throw the door open and kick down the stopper and let people come in and out. If we’d of left the door shut we’d of worn the hinges off because there’s so many people coming in and out to support this.

Dirk Harkins, Commander, Adena American Legion Post 525

Everyone involved wants to give a big thank you to the Ohio Valley for making this happen.