COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTRF) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will talk school safety in a press conference at 10 a.m. Monday morning, according to WKBN.

He will also give an update on House Bill 99, which has been passed by both state chambers and the governor says he will sign.

It will allow staff in public or private schools to carry a concealed firearm, after 24 hours of scenario-based training.

DeWine calls it a restoration of a policy that was previously in place.

I will talk about the bill I will sign tomorrow, which really kind of restores the school’s ability to — if they want to, it’s their choice — but to have a teacher have a gun. Up until the Supreme Court decision a year ago in Ohio, the decision was you could arm a teacher if you wanted to.

Gov. Mike DeWine, (R)-Ohio

Governor DeWine will also sign legislation that gives schools $100 million in security funding.

A law removing the requirement for a concealed carry permit will also take effect Monday in Ohio.