Ohio Governor John Kasich announced, Thursday, six proposals he said will curb gun violence and bring more gun safety to our communities.

After the massacre in Las Vegas last October, Governor Kasich began putting together an unlikely group of individuals to come up with common sense gun laws for Ohio. 

That group came up with six proposals that the administration announced Thursday. One of them seeks to keep domestic violence offenders from being able to purchase or possess a firearm. Another stops the purchase of guns from a third party; while the sale of armor piercing ammunition, bump stocks, and other accessories are also facing prohibition. 

The group also wants to create a gun violence protection order and to close gaps in background check reporting. 

“No one is interested in some slippery slope trying to go and grab everybody’s guns; that’s not what this group was comprised of,” said Governor Kasich during a press conference.

Members of the group came from opposite ends of the spectrum on the gun control debate and they all agreed that something needed to be done. 

“I think we have done some very good work and instituted or initiated some programs that will certainly save lives in the state of Ohio without infringing on the second amendment or people’s right to own and bare arms,” said former Republican lawmaker, Ron Maag.

Jim Tobin with the Catholic Conference of Ohio said,”We particularly look forward to working with the legislature in order to get these consensus items passed in a judicious and expedient manner.”  

Kasich’s proposals have been given to the leaders of the House or Representatives and the Senate, where he expects they will work through this as a package deal. 

“I want to give them a chance to do their job and I really believe they will do their job. And if they don’t do their job then we can discuss what happens then but I don’t think there’s a reason to doubt them at this point,” said Governor Kasich.

Senate President Larry Obhof responded to this package of proposals with this statement: 

“As with any issue our members are open to dialogue. Right now, we are acting to build on our investments in school security upgrades which have already funded nearly $16 million in grant money to make Ohio’s schools safer for our students and teachers.”