Those who don’t mind a little bit of horror with their food might want to check this out.

The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland is expected to open up on Tuesday.

The ‘Haunted Restaurant’ features decor from some of your favorite horror flicks including IT, the Friday the 13th series, and Chucky.

It will also have a horror-themed menu that includes items such as:

  • Jerk Silence of the Lamb Pops: Jerk lollipops with roasted potatoes and charred carrots.
  • Jaws: Pizza with seafood cream sauce, cheese, shrimp, salmon, lobster tail, caramelized onions, spinach, roasted red peppers.
  • Candyman: Grape vodka, cherry vodka, sour mix, lime juice, cranberry, ginger ale.

The full menu can be seen here

The Haunted House Restaurant is located at 13463 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44118