Ohio man charged with drug trafficking, child endangerment; Bellaire mayor condemns house

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(UPDATE: 12/31/18 6:50 p.m.) New developments now in the case of a Bellaire couple discovered living in deplorable conditions over the weekend.

As the father is jailed, the mother sent to a shelter and the two babies are taken into custody, the issue of the house is dealt with, which led to some surprises. 

Monday started with Bellaire Police Chief and Code Enforcer Dick Flanagan condemning the house at 2781 Washington Street.

He said the upstairs apartment where 32-year-old Ted Rogers Jr., his girlfriend and two babies were living was unfit for human habitation.

“The ceiling was falling in, they had plastic on the ceiling to catch the rain water,” explained Chief Flanaan. “Parts of the floor was missing where someone could have stepped off of that and fell into the apartment down below. There was only heat in one room. They had extension cords out the window coming out of the apartment downstairs.” 

Rogers is now in jail for drug trafficking and endangering children. His girlfriend reportedly went to a shelter. Children’s Services took the two babies, ages one month and 18 months.

Rogers’ step brother, who owns the house, said he never meant for them to move in.

“They showed up in the middle of the night with their kids with nowhere to go, and told me they got throwed out in the street and they’re gonna stay in my basement,” said homeowner Gary Scott. “So I told them they could stay in the apartment up top for a couple days and then they had to leave. And the people wouldn’t leave.” 

Scott also said the upper floors are not habitable and just for storage, but when he told them to leave, they threatened him. He said at this point, they were squatters.

“Every time we turned around they’re threatening to call the cops on us or else turn us in to CPS on us for no reason at all,” Scott continued. 

Scott also said his stepbrother has problems. 

“He has some issues that really needs worked out,” he continued. “Maybe he needs to go to rehab.” 

Scott added that the lower floors of the house are safe, but now there’s a condemned sign on it. 

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ORIGINAL(12/31/18 3:12 p.m.) An Ohio man is in jail after police allegedly discovered him selling drugs out of a “deplorable” house.

The saga began when the suspect, as well as his two children and their mother, approached Gary Scott, his step-brother from Bellaire, for a place to stay. He allowed them to stay in a house on Washington Street that he owned, urging them to stay in the upstairs of a house for a couple of days, as he and his wife used it for storage.

After a couple of days passed, Scott says he asked his tenants to leave, but they refused. He says that he issued eviction notices, called the police, and otherwise tried to get his unwanted tenants to vacate the premises.

Police say that they executed a controlled drug buy on the suspect in the house, and when they arrived, there were missing floor boards, a leaking roof and dog feces, urine, electrical wires and other debris strewn across the floor.

With the suspect lived two babies (both one and eighteen months old), and their mother. The mother had to seek shelter elsewhere, according to police. Bellaire Mayor and Code Enforcer Dick Flanagan also put up a notice condemning the house itself.

Arrested was Ted A. Rogers, 32, and he is charged with aggravated drug trafficking and child endangerment.

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