Police in Ohio have arrested the parents of a one-year-old after police say the child died from fentanyl poisoning.

The Circleville Police Department says they received a call from Ohio Health Berger Hospital in reference to a child in the Emergency Department who was not breathing. Police say when they responded to the hospital the 20-month old was pronounced deceased after life-saving measures.

After a search warrant was gathered at the parent’s residence, police said they found items that returned positive for Fentanyl and AcetylFentanyl.

Police say both the father and mother admitted to using and selling illicit narcotics such as Fentanyl and Crack Cocaine and they were unaware of how the children acquired the Fentanyl.

Nicholas D. Lee, 25 of Circleville, and Brianna E. Roush, 26 of Circleville were both charged Felony 1 Involuntary Manslaughter, Felony 2 Attempted Involuntary Manslaughter, two counts each Felony 3 Child Endangering, Felony 4 Trafficking in Fentanyl and Felony 5 Possession of Fentanyl.

Police also say the 1-year old’s sibling was also brought to the hospital who was ill and vomiting but was later released to family members that evening.