COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTRF) State Representative and Democratic Attorney General Candidate Jeff Crossman called for an immediate investigation of yet another apparent “pay to play” corruption scheme orchestrated by Republican members of the Ohio House on Friday.

As recently reported in the Ohio Capital Journal, Rep. Sara Carruthers proposed legislation in October 2021 allocating $300 million in bailouts to private nursing homes.

Just one week later, she received $52,000 in campaign donations from a nursing home CEO, his family, and the nursing home’s lobbyist.

The contributions comprise nearly half of Carruthers entire campaign fundraising in 2021.

“This is yet another gross example of the type of corruption that goes unchecked in Ohio government. An immediate investigation must be initiated,” said Rep. Crossman.  “As Ohio’s next Attorney General, I intend to finally end the culture of corruption by creating an anti-corruption task force that is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting corrupt politicians who cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year.”