Ohio residents call Gov. DeWine’s 10 PM curfew an ‘overstep’, step in the right direction

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Governor DeWine says this is an attempt to stay one step ahead of the surging Coronavirus, hoping to prevent a full lockdown... While some residents say the only step being taken is another overstep of power.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OH (WTRF) — Starting Thursday, Ohio will have a curfew. Businesses will be asked to close their doors at 10:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. for the next 21 days. 

Some residents said we need to be safe and stay to ourselves, believing the order is on track with living in a pandemic.

While some said they simply didn’t understand the reasoning; Aren’t people out just as much (or even more so) at say 6:00 p.m. as they would be at 11? Would it not just create a more limited window to go shopping? 

Governor DeWine said the order is simple. Coupled with the mask wearing mandate, this curfew will reduce contact by 20 percent. 

So, some say they trust their governor. Some say it’s another power grab, and others say they wish West Virginia would do the same. 

That is a burden on some people and businesses but I think that we need to do whatever is necessary. 

Rhonda Hicks, Ohio shopper, Wheeling resident

I believe it’s just another government overstep. 

Rusty Shuckleford, Ohio resident

That’s time we probably don’t need to be out and about unless we’re working or doing something emergent. Cases are up. I know more people than ever that have it. Protecting ourselves is the first priority. 

Amanda McBride, Ohio resident

Necessary as it may be, Shuckleford said people will do what they want, order or not. While Hicks is hopeful saying, ‘We can outcome this virus.’ 

The governor pointed out that cars on the road will not be pulled over, but if groups are congregating after hours, they may be approached by the police. 

Local health departments say they don’t know how the state plans to enforce this curfew, but more details will come from the Governor’s office in the coming days. 

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