(WTRF) — There’s a new push for Ohio lawmakers to approve a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in class.

Ohio District 30 Senator Frank Hoagland is no stranger to House Bill 99, which would put guns in the hands of educators after 20 hours of training. 

Hoagland, a retired Navy SEAL, says, “We don’t need to make these teachers Navy SEALs.”

He says 20 hours is not enough time to learn how to read, and so it is not enough time to learn how to properly use a gun. 

“Just to say okay well a school board is going to select Sammie the Seabag to carry a gun in school. Is Sammie the seabag the right person,” asked Sen. Frank Hoagland, District 30. “Can you kill your kids? No. Well that’s what you’re asking your teachers to do. Because these teachers got a lot of time with these kids.” 

On this subject, he has visited the Sandy Hook Memorial and he has met with SWAT team personnel.  

He still believes teachers are the first responders, but he thinks there is a better way to arm them:  He pushed to reinstate the federal air marshals in Cleveland and believes placing marshals in schools is more realistic.