In the Philippines, an American woman has been charged with human trafficking after officials say that she tried to smuggle a six-day-old out of the country.

Now the woman is a 43 year old from Ohio. Her name Jennifer Talbot.

We don’t have any other details about the newborn.

At a press conference in Manila, an official involved in the investigation said that Talbot used a sling bag to hide the baby while passing through immigration.

The official also said that after immigration Talbot was carrying the newborn where she tried to board her Delta Airlines flight.

At the boarding gate, Delta crew asked the woman to provide documentation for the child and when she didn’t have it, Philippines authorities were then contacted.

Talbot has been charged with violating the Anti Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003.

She had a notarized affidavit declaring that she intended to adopt the baby but it was not signed by the child’s mother.

That’s according to CNN Philippines.

She gave no information on whether the child had been given or sold.

Authorities said the mother has been identified and will be charged.

But police have not been able to find the child’s father.

Investigations into this case are ongoing and one could only imagine what the newborn had to endure while inside that carry on bag going through security going through immigration.