WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson says we are dealing with the worst inflation and economy in many decades. 

That is why it has been a little harder to check everything off your grocery list.  

Congressman Johnson says things that cost you $1 today will be $2 tomorrow.  

You can’t go from the best economy that we’ve had in 50 years to the worst inflation and economy that we’ve had in 40 years, in the span of a year without a common thread, and that common thread is Joe Biden’s policies.

Energy plays such an important role in our economy. It affects the transportation of goods to market. It affects our farmers.


He says inflation is a tax on every American.  

We just passed thought the highest inflation at 8.5% according to Johnson and he says he is not surprised.  

His solution–eliminate President Biden’s polices and put energy back into play.