WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — One U.S. senator is doing his part in protecting workers in Ohio by pushing President Biden to drop a specific trade pillar. 

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio recently made a push for the Biden administration to drop the trade pillar that has no enforceable labor standards from its proposed Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. Brown says, “Instead of negotiating trade deals behind closed doors, we should be working to strengthen enforcement so that American workers can compete on a level playing field.”

The IPEF is an agreement being negotiated among thirteen countries in the Pacific region. Senator Brown’s main goal in this is to make sure that the workers have a say in the negotiation.

”I have notified the Biden administration. You’re not just like other administrations you’re not negotiating this stuff in private. We’re going to make sure we keep the light shined on and we’re not moving forward unless workers have a seat at the table and make sure that these trade any new trade agreements are enforceable.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown – (D) Ohio

This push is just the latest example of Senator Brown standing up for Ohio workers and to stop an agreement that could cost Ohio jobs.