Ohio (WTRF) – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown voiced his thoughts condemning the riots on the U.S. Capitol.

He believes that these were not demonstrators, but rather domestic terrorists. 

Senator Brown said he supports the proposal to invoke the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office. 

He said this is not only because of what the President has done in the past, but also what he could do in the final days in office.  

Senator Brown also cited the vast difference in police response between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Capitol riots. 

We need to address the gross discrepancy between Wednesday’s response and the responses we’ve seen to peaceful protestors seeking racial justice. The summer peaceful black protestors outside the White House were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, a full militarized response.  While this week, white supremacists, rioters were able to breach the Capitol.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D) Ohio

He believes that Republicans should not only acknowledge President-elect Biden as the legitimate President, but also state there was no voter fraud in an effort to lower the political temperature.