Steubenville, Ohio (WTRF) — State Representative Ron Ferguson sparks debate over legalizing adult use cannabis in Ohio.

Many states have passed medical marijuana laws. But that brings up another question: What about adult-use cannabis in Ohio? 

State Representative Ron Freguson gave his insights during a townhall meeting in Steubenville. 

He touched on proposals in the legislature. He also talked about what legalizing adult-use cannabis could look like in Ohio and what’s been happening in other states. Ferguson says it’s possible Ohio keeps it all under the medical space if it’s passed. This means you could get it at a medical marijuana dispensary without a prescription. 

Ferguson says the more people get informed, the better.

“Definitely get informed on the topic. Get out and get an opportunity to talk with your legislatures, with your local folks to kinda see what this looks like because, of course, this is something that gets passed at the state level, and there’s a lot of talk federally that there’s going to be a push for the states to make the decisions themselves.”

Ron Ferguson, State Representative

The bill still has a little ways to go. 

The legislature has until May the 28 to act on the ballot measure. But if that doesn’t happen, supporters may collect signatures and put it on the November ballot.