JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) — After three years, Bishop Jeffrey Monforton with the Diocese of Steubenville is traveling to central and eastern Europe.  

He says this trip is special because he is going to visit with Ukrainian refugees.  

His trip kicks off Saturday and he will be there for a week and his first stop is in Vienna, Austria. 

Bishop Monforton says his goal is to show the church’s support.

We have something Gaming, Austria and then I also will travel to Hungary and Moldova to visit with not just the refugees but also those who are providing assistance to them, providing them homes.

All the all the necessary needs humanitarian needs because we’ve been assisting financially and I’m hoping to put a human face on it for them to know that we here in America are here for those refugees because they want to return home.

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton, Diocese of Steubenville 

He says he is excited to listen and hear their stories firsthand. 

He will be sharing updates from his trip on Facebook.