Students and lawmakers; Urban Meyer decision result of thorough and thoughtful consideration

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If there is one word that both students and lawmakers have used when describing the process leading up to Ohio State University’s Head Football Coach Urban Meyer it would be thorough.

There are some people who are still steaming mad about the decision to suspend Coach Meyer for the first three games of the upcoming season.

Less than an hour before the announcement was made I talked to Ryan Lawson, a Junior at the University who was waiting with friends to see the coach and hear the determination.

He says when rules are broken you have to pay the price no matter who you are, but there also has to be care taken to make sure who you are doesn’t play a role in how much you are punished.

“Just because someone holds a position of high prestige, that doesn’t make them free from getting punished,” said Lawson. “We shouldn’t downgrade it or upgrade the situation based off of his celebrity status.”

Lawson wasn’t too upset by the outcome and was impressed by the thoroughness and care with which the punishment was reached.

Others, like another current Junior at the University William DenNiro, accepted that punishment and moved on within 30 minutes of its announcement, even if they still thought 3 games was a bit harsh.

“I think they definitely took their time with this,” said DenNiro. “They worked very diligently with it; they really went through it thoroughly, and I feel like they did the job right.”

That appreciation for thoroughness was echoed in the halls of the Statehouse Thursday.

Speaker of the House Ryan Smith spoke to me after the news conference and told me that from what he could gather the process was not only thorough but thoughtfully done.

Unsurprising to Smith since former Speaker of the House Jo Ann Davidson was tapped to help come to a conclusion about the case.

“Jo Ann is truly unique, she is a special lady,” said Smith. “She is as good as anybody to do that, so I’m glad they picked her to be involved.”

Smith says skills legislators use at the Statehouse are invaluable in situations like this.

“From a legislative standpoint, you really learn to hear both sides; figure out your way through a process; and that’s what it is, right? It’s a process, so you have to hear everything out, have a lot of discussion, and again be very thoughtful in how you do things,” said Smith.

And Smith says wrapping up a situation like the one Meyer was facing in a relatively efficient way is important for any organization.

“You need closure on issues,” said Smith. “The more they linger on, the more speculation happens; so the sooner, the better, but you still have to take your time to be thorough and thoughtful.”

Meanwhile, Jon Keeling the Press Secretary for Governor Kasich released this statement on the matter:

“It’s clear this was a thorough and impartial investigation. It was the university’s decision to make – and we won’t second-guess them on that.”

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