STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — The City of Steubenville is mourning the loss of a beloved Bishop.

Bishop Roy C. Dawkins’ legacy has touched the lives of many in his ministry after six decades, and now, he’s being remembered as a friend, mentor, and brother to those around him.

“There is a gap right now in Steubenville.”

Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, friend of Bishop Dawkins

Dawkins unexpectedly passed away, but his legacy in Steubenville and across the country remains. He’s served more than 60 years in the ministry and 47 years as a pastor, and even outside the walls of the church, he’s touched the lives of many people.

Bishop Theodore L. Brooks has personally known him for 55 years.

“Him not being here is gonna be a tremendous impact because he was that kind of personality. He knew everybody in town. Met everybody in town. He treated everybody with respect and with dignity and love.”

Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, friend of Bishop Dawkins

After all those years of working alongside him, through the youth department and ministry, Bishop Brooks calls him ‘family’.

“I’m about to get emotional because he was not just a person I knew. We traveled together. We stayed in each other’s homes. We fussed at each other. We argued with each other, but most importantly we love each other as true brothers.”

Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, friend of Bishop Dawkins

Dawkins’ legacy stretches far beyond the Ohio Valley. He’s impacted many from the 14 Pentecostal churches he’s served and has worked with several bishops. Dozens of bishops who knew him had even traveled across country for this.

Being the honorable bishop and man he was, he’ll be greatly missed by many, including Bishop Brooks who has nothing but love for Dawkins and his family.

“The Bible says ‘All things work together. So, I have to understand that accept that and allow my emotions and my hurt to transition to accept the will of God and thank God and especially for the time me and R.C., I call him R.C., spent together.”

Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, friend of Bishop Dawkins

Bishop Dawkins passed away last Wednesday morning. He is survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.