Zanesville singer Nightbirde just recently posted to social media, giving an update and an uplifting post to those who follow her.

It’s been a while since I have felt fully awake. Pain can be so surreal and disorienting that I often feel like an observer of my own life, and not a participant of it.

In the past 20 months, my most vibrant hopes and deepest fears have been poured onto the same canvas. I stare into the chaos of it. My ears are ringing. The universe offered herself to me, then cut off my hands.

I think about the dreams my heart has carried since I was little. Dreams of singing to the whole world at once; writing words that sink so deep they don’t need to be remembered; being a truth-teller, a hope-holder, a strength-sharer. Wait, am I in the dream?

It’s not how wanted it, but this is the dream. I’m in it. It’s happening now.

I thought it would be sparklier than this. I didn’t imagine standing before of the world with so many bruises. I didn’t imagine that in my shining moment I’d be suffering in front of an audience. I’ve always expected miracles. I thought the miracle would be that I could skip to the end, spared of pain. I thought the miracle would make me scar-free, brand new.

I did get a miracle—just not the one I wanted. I get to look for light and find it. I get to see how much love can endure. I get to walk the journey with thousands of people like me, who can’t stop hoping, no matter how hard we try.

If we only take the miracles that taste sweet, I don’t think we’ll ever taste one. If we wait until we have the perfect song, I don’t think we’ll ever sing. Don’t miss it—it’s now. We are in the miracle, we are in the dream.



The Zanesville woman who became an overnight sensation with a tear-jerking performance on “America’s Got Talent”

Jane Marczewski, 30, is battling her third bout of cancer with a less than two percent chance of survival.

She was given the Golden Buzzer during the second round of AGT auditions in June. She sang the original song “It’s OK,” explaining to the judges, “It’s the story of the last year of my life.”