UPDATE: Ohio votes to allow the use of recreational marijuana


Did Ohio pass Issue 2 relating to recreational marijuana?

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If Issue 2 passes it would legalize the use of recreational marijuana. 

In regard to Issue 2, DeWine shared the fact that medical marijuana is already legal in Ohio and that he supports that. He said if recreational marijuana were legalized it would be a mistake for the state and believes it would increase the amount of people driving impaired.

If Issue 1 passes it would make abortion in the state more accessible for people

The amendment would still allow the state to prohibit abortion after a fetus is considered viable, with an exception when the health of the pregnant person is at stake.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that he believes Issue 1 is “just not right for Ohio and that it would put Ohio in the same category as California with a very open abortion policy.”

The governor discussed the differences between both issues.

”I’ve tried to really emphasize that Issue One is in the Constitution. Issue two would become a law and the difference, obviously, between a law and in the Constitution is, let’s say Issue One passes and would go into our Constitution. I don’t think there’s been a time in Ohio history when a provision has gone into the Ohio Constitution by referendum like this.”Governor Mike DeWine – Ohio (R)