WASHINGTON D.C. — Senator JD Vance joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to demand action from the Biden Administration to address the unmet needs of the people of East Palestine.

Specifically, Senator Vance called for new efforts to test indoor air quality and decontaminate the region’s waterways.

It’s been 182 days since President Joe Biden promised to visit East Palestine, but he has yet to visit the small Ohio town.

Earlier this month, Senator Vance made another visit to East Palestine. While there, he raised concerns over the pace of the cleanup and the federal EPA’s role in slowing the process.

Following his visit, Senator Vance published an op-ed in The Columbus Dispatch to demand a Major Disaster Declaration from President Biden, a faster cleanup, and meaningful health testing for residents.

“Over 100 days ago, Joe Biden promised that he would visit East Palestine, and he has broken that promise…more importantly, Sean, he has refused to actually employ the services of his government to help the people of East Palestine. I was there just a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you, people feel abandoned and forgotten.”