TRIADELPHIA, W.Va. (WTRF) – The community’s first responders came together for the annual “Super Safety Event” at Old Navy. 

Old Navy’s work inspires families to be more safety conscious, understand the risks their kids might face, and recognize the steps they can take to help avoid those risks. 

This is why they brought out Ohio County and Valley Grove police, fire, and EMS officials along with Ohio County Schools to bring people together and show children the importance of safety in the community. 

”This is probably hands down my favorite event that Old Navy does for the community. This is my sixth year total doing it, and it’s just continue to get bigger and bigger. And it just seeing the kids like, you know, involved over here with all like our local, you know, people, it’s just a really great feeling.”

Tamsen Mull – General Manager, Triadelphia Old Navy

”It’s more often than we think that we actually have to depend on each other for support for different equipment and knowing that that person is with you and is going to be able to help you. And again, just building that trust and relationship with the community, with our different groups – it’s endless and priceless.”

Chief Deputy John Schultz – Ohio County Sheriff’s Office

This event was supposed to take place in May and was rescheduled due to rain. 

The sun was out, and many families and community members were able to get involved.