(WTRF) If you were thinking about changing up your breakfast routine Tropicana is already one step ahead of you with the first cereal made not for milk but OJ.

Tropicana Crunch! Crispy and ready to get citrusy.

In honor of National Orange Juice Day on May 4 Tropicana is releasing a cereal specifically intended to mix with orange juice instead of milk.

According to foodandwine.com, Tropicana Crunch is “the first-ever breakfast cereal created to pair with Tropicana Pure Premium so you can sip your sunshine and eat it, too.”

The juice brand will be giving boxes away for free while supplies last starting on May 4 and will only be available through TropicanaCrunch.com.

Tropicana Crunch is descibed as a “honey almond cereal” that contains honey almond clusters.

After testing multiple flavors and textures, the company opted for a granola-based cereal because it can withstand the acidity in OJ better than things like flakes, which would go soggy more quickly and the honey almond flavor was chosen to balance against the orange juice’s tartness, reported foodandwine.com.

Taking it a step further the box also advertises that it comes with a “paper sipping straw inside,” that way you can slurp up any remaining OJ in the bowl.

“An unforgettable breakfast experience” is just one way Tropicana is describing their cereal. “Whether you hate it or love it, you won’t know until you try it.”