PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WOWK) – Parents of more than 100 West Virginia children have no idea where their child is right now.

They’re among nearly half a million children who went missing across the United States last year.

West Virginia State Police have 145 active cases of missing children.

Imeesha Miller’s little sister Deleah is one of them.

No one has seen her since she ran away from her Putnam County home last Friday.

She’s 17 and has Type 1 diabetes.

It’s just nerve-racking for the simple fact that she doesn’t have the medication that she really needs.

Imeesha Miller, Deleah’s Sister

Imeesha says community members have joined her family’s search effort led by local law enforcement.

Many times it’s a collective effort. Lots of times we’ll put that child on the news or on social media. That’s a great platform to use because generally, everyone has access to social media.

TFC M.R. Shaffer, West Virginia State Police

Shaffer says frequently it’s just a case of an angry child running away.

Some common situations would be custody disputes, situations of domestic violence in the home, children not feeling safe at home, lack of basic needs.

TFC M.R. Shaffer, West Virginia State Police

But sometimes it’s more than that. 14 children from WV and Ohio found through ‘Operation Autumn Hope’But sometimes it’s more than that.

In late October, U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement recovered 45 children who had been forced into human trafficking, drugs and prostitution.

14 of them were from Southern West Virginia and Ohio.

Imeesha hopes her sister comes home soon. No questions asked.

Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable enough to come to me and talk to me as her big sister and as a friend, so I feel like in some areas I failed her.

Imeesha Miller, Deleah’s Sister