PENNSYLVANIA (WTRF) — “Come on back to Jersey where you belong.”

That was the message given to Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz by Sopranos actor Steven van Zandt.

It was part of a viral campaign ad by his opponent, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, following accusations that Oz doesn’t have a tight connection to the Keystone State.

West Liberty professor Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick says Fetterman’s troll game may energize his existing supporters, but may fall on deaf ears otherwise.

Now of course you also have the people in the middle which is a lessening group as the republic becomes more polarized. It might have sway there if Dr. Oz is really painted as, he’s not from Pennsylvania, he hasn’t lived here a long time, how well can he represent the state.

Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor of Political Science, WLU

Dr. Fitzpatrick says that while Dr. Oz has name recognition on his side, he doesn’t see that mattering as much in this race.

With a 50-50 Senate, both parties will be focused on retaining every last seat in the midterms.