More than 39 million people are expected to hit the roads in America this weekend.

It’s the most anticipated yet deadliest three-day holiday of the year.

Operation CARE held their annual public awareness event with law enforcers from all over the tri state area.

They’re seeing a 9% rise in fatal crashes.

The causes:  alcohol and drugs,  aggressive driving, distracted driving and not wearing seat belts.

They say 90% of all crashes are due to driver behavior.

Law enforcement officers were told that every encounter, every traffic stop, has the potential to save a life.

“We do that through an arrest,” said Capt. Ann Ralston, post commander of the Cambridge district. “We do that through a friendly warning, an act of kindness you all do every single day, or sometimes a crucial conversation we have to have with folks to change their behavior and let them know that what they’re doing isn’t right.”

Their message started with the basics—don’t speed, don’t drive drunk or drugged, buckle up, and this one—still not understood by all drivers—move over.

“We still write citations daily for people not wielding right-of-way and moving over for emergency vehicles,” said Major Jeff Fisher of the Pa. State Police.

They noted that with more medical marijuana out there, there are more impaired drivers, and not just those with a prescription.

“There are other people who don’t need to utilize it, that are maybe not understanding that the use of marijuana can impair your driving,” said Sgt. D.M. Matthews, post commander of the Wheeling detachment of the West Virginia State Police.

And there’s more distracted driving because there are more distractions, in terms of social media platforms.

“You’ve got young teens Snapchatting while driving, using TikTok while driving,” said Trooper Rocco Gagliardi of the Pa. State Police. “Those videos can be anywhere from just a couple seconds to about three minutes long.”

They showcased their departments, their vehicles, their K9s and even gave a little boy a seat in a helicopter.

They observed a moment of silence for the slain school children from Texas.

And they urged everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

They asked all drivers to drive responsibly, share the road and show courtesy and patience.