HARRISBURG, Penn. (WTRF) — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is offering gender-neutral drivers licenses and state ID cards, the department posted on their Facebook page on Trans Visibility Day Thursday.

There are three gender designation options on Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and photo ID cards: “M” (male), “F” (female) or “X” (non-binary).

People choosing the X option need to complete a form and submit it at a PennDot license center.

Ohio also offers a non-binary “X” option of drivers licenses and state ID cards according to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You can also revise your birth certificate to reflect the gender you identify as in Ohio.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation allows gender designation to be changed on licenses and ID cards by submitting a form with a physician’s signature.

The US Department of State will soon offer gender-neutral passports.

“Beginning April 11, 2022, you can select male (M), female (F), or unspecified or another gender identity (X) as your gender marker if you are applying for a U.S. passport book and selecting routine service,” says the US Department of State website.