A Pennsylvania couple has been accused of child abuse after they brought their 5-month-old son into the doctor’s office to be treated for a shoulder injury.

As the doctor was checking the boy he noticed 10 previous fractures that had not received medical treatment and reported that the breaks showed “signs of healing” but that the injuries “were consistent with non-accidental trauma and were indicative of abuse,” the triblive reported.

Ryan Scholl, 22, and Breanna Airgood, 26, were charged with a felony count of endangering the welfare of children by the Allegheny County Police.

According to triblive, detectives were dispatched to UPMC Children’s Hospital on March 19 after a physician reported that he was treating a young boy for a possible dislocated shoulder but observed that he had previously suffered a broken arm, three cracked ribs, and six fractured vertebrae.

The physician told police that an adult would have been aware that the child was in pain considering the amount of force the boy would have had to suffer to obtain the injuries.

Scholl told police that two days before taking the child to the hospital he was changing the boy’s diaper when he heard a “pop” after he tried to pick the boy up. The child began to cry but Scholl said he stopped when he was placed on the changing table, reported triblive.

After the incident, Scholl said the child had trouble moving his left arm and Airgood said he would begin crying every time he was touched. The couple took the child to the hospital the next day.

According to court records, Scholl and Airgood were both released from custody on a non-monetary bond and face a preliminary hearing on April 20, 2022.