BLOOMSBURG, PA (WTRF) A homeless Bloomsburg man broke into a Pennsylvania home last year, March 6, 2021, but DNA samples only recently confirmed the man as the suspect from objects he left behind.

Justin Charles Bozarth, 33, was linked to a break-in where police discovered lubrication and “cylindrical shaped” objects including a traffic cone through DNA that was found on a rubber glove, reported northcentralpa.

That night authorities had received a call about a downstairs window appearing to be pried open. When police showed up at the scene they discovered articles of clothing, mirrors, “cylindrical shaped” objects including a bubble wand, lubrication, and a traffic cone inside a bedroom.

“Bozarth’s girlfriend, Kristy Shultz had been interviewed by officers and described sexual acts which Bozarth liked to perform on himself with similar ones found in this incident,” wrote Officer Melanie Beck according to northcentralpa.

Authorities said Bozarth’s fingerprints left on a mirror from an incident where Bozarth used a cucumber fitted with condoms to pleasure himself were used to link him to the incident.

Bozarth pleaded guilty to third-degree misdemeanor defiant criminal trespassing after DNA obtained from a drinking glass, rubber glove, and Band-Aid matched his, reported northcentralpa.