A man who once claimed to be Jesus Christ was sentenced to 30-70 years in prison for breaking into the apartment of two women and holding them at knifepoint in 2019.

Richard Washington, 56 of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, broke into the apartment of two women on Jan 15, 2019, and threatened one at knifepoint while the other called 911 from her bedroom, reported pennlive.

Washington is a “career criminal” with a history of robberies under his belt going back to 1988, according to Dauphin County chief deputy district attorney Jennifer Gettle, reported pennlive.

“This defendant has left a wake of victims over his career path,” Gettle said.

Washington was found guilty in March of burglary, robbery, and related offenses after the trial had been delayed in December 2019 due to his mental state when he claimed to be Jesus Christ. He was deemed fit to stand trial after he passed a psychiatric evaluation.

“I told myself, ‘this is it—this is how I’m going to die—in my bed, stabbed to death, alone and afraid’.  Mr. Washington, you intended to steal money and possessions from my home for your own benefit, but this is what you actually stole—my happiness, my safety and security in my home, my confidence, my comfort and peace, my trust in others,” the other woman testified. “You put me through hell and left me violated and scarred,” reported pennlive.

Washington was sentenced to 30-70 years in prison and will not be eligible for parole until he’s 83.