PITTSBURGH (WTRF) — Two teenagers were charged in the Friday shooting at a funeral in Pittsburgh, according to our affiliate KDKA.

Pennsylvania police say victims shot after a funeral, possibly by multiple shooters

Charged are 19-year-old Shawn Davis and 16-year-old Hezekiah Nixon. They face aggravated assault, attempted homicide and firearms violations charges, say reports. Nixon also faces a charge of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Six people were injured in a shooting outside a funeral at a church on the city’s North Side Friday. Five people were shot and a sixth was injured in the chaos of fleeing the scene. Police initially said six people were shot, say reports.

The funeral was being held for the victim of a homicide that happened on the North Side earlier this month, say reports. KDKA reports that the funeral service was for 20-year-old John Hornezes Jr..

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey released a statement praising police for their swift actions.

“Join me in thanking our first responders, Public Safety Officials, and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police for their quick work responding to the shooting on Brighton [Road] yesterday.

“Additionally, I want to thank them for their work responding to McKnight [Road] and quickly arresting and charging two people in this case. Thank you to all of the community members who have come forward with information and been working to keep the peace.

“We are committed to doing all we can to find those responsible. Again, if you know anything please call the Major Crimes Unit and let us know at 412-323-7131.”

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey

Police say there is a turf battle between rival groups in this incident and the fatal shooting from October 15 that happened in the North Hills at a gas station.

Police also say that people connected to Friday’s funeral victim fired shots at rivals Thursday night in the neighborhood of Spring Hill, say police sources. These sources also say that Friday’s funeral shooting may the latest in an escalating conflict between groups.