PETA again is requesting that Punxsutawney Phil be replaced but this time with permission seeds.

In a letter to Jeff Lundy, president of The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club PETA says based on plant biology persimmon seeds can predict the weather more accurately.

PETA’s letter notes that persimmon seeds are said to predict the weather correctly about a quarter of the time and that Phil has ‘no idea what the weather will be.’

PETA also said they would offer a persimmon tree to plant in Gobbler’s Knob so that Phil (and his companion, Phyllis) can retire.

In the letter, PETA again offered a free animatronic groundhog.

Last year, PETA suggested using a ‘bona fide human meteorologist’ and set up billboards that said I’m ME, not a meteorologist. Let’s chuck the tired old gimmick.”

Groundhog Day began on Gobbler’s Knob in 1887.