PITTSBURGH, Penn. (WTRF) — A Pittsburgh policeman was fired Thursday after being accused of rape by a female officer, according to reports.

The alleged incident occurred more than one year ago after the female officer said the male officer drove her home after she went drinking and partying with him, say reports.

The female officer reportedly sent an email detailing the alleged rape to every officer in the department where she and the man she accused of sexually assaulting her worked. The precinct is located in East Liberty, Zone 5.

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Allegheny County Police and the district attorney’s office investigated the rape allegation separately, but the DA’s office said there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges then.

Police officials first suspended and then transferred the accused policeman from Zone 5 to Zone 1.

The female officer was reportedly dissatisfied with the disciplinary action the policeman received and complained how city leaders handled the matter.

She also filed for a civil protection order against the male officer forbidding him to have contact with her, which an Allegheny judge granted.

That judge said there was evidence that the female officer was sexually assaulted, writing this in a ruling:

“The court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the Plaintiff is the victim of sexual violence.  At a minimum, the defendant committed the act of sexual assault.  The court further finds that the Plaintiff is at continued risk of harm from the defendant. “

Allegheny County judge on protection order for female officer from male officer accused of rape

Reports say that police have the option to look into criminal charges again if new information is presented.