PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WTRF) — The days of empty pandemic flights are officially over.

As planes are packed once again, airport satisfaction is dropping nationwide…but Pittsburgh has managed to keep their flyers happy.

A new J.D. Power study put Pittsburgh second overall in customer satisfaction among airports of its size nationwide.

They ranked criteria like their concessions program, the atmosphere, the baggage situation, and of course the friendliness of the staff—always important in the crowding and rush of air travel.

We have people who feel like they have this insurmountable problem when they’re traveling, it seems so overwhelming and then they meet a friendly face who walks them through the whole process and they’re so grateful.

Samantha Stedford, Director of Customer Experience

The numbers are remarkable after a slump in satisfaction across the country.

But it may have something to do with the lengths they’ve gone to make the comforts of Pittsburgh available to travelers.

After you’re finished with security, the city restaurant favorites are available to you while you wait to board.

People like the sense of place of our concessions, so they like Primanti’s, they like Sarris candies, we have Penn Brewery.

Samantha Stedford, Director of Customer Experience

They also note that passengers compliment the Steel City art that covers the walls, and the jazz that’s played as you check your baggage.

But more than anything, they say their high rating comes down to how they reach out to their customers.

They’re trained to solve the inevitable crises that come with cross-country travel.

So I think what really sets us above and beyond is how we hire these wonderful, friendly people that really represent the welcomeness of the region.

Samantha Stedford, Director of Customer Experience

The survey separated airports into Medium, Large and Mega categories.

Pittsburgh was classified as Medium, and was only three points short on a thousand-point scale from being number one.