SHADYSIDE, Ohio (WTRF) – At DeFelice Brothers Pizza in Shadyside, they say people are not coming in and applying for jobs.

They’ve got signs in the windows, but they’re not seeing any applicants.

DeFelice said during COVID shutdowns, perhaps people realized they could live on less income and decided to remain at home. Or, perhaps they’re still afraid of getting COVID. They think some people are holding out for something with higher wages.

Our stores pay real competitive wages. Most employees in our store make more than minimum wage. Drivers make a commission on top of it, along with tips. We have seen that people in the Ohio Valley are great tippers.

Dominic DeFelice, Franchise Founder and Owner

I’ve got two applications here. One didn’t have a phone number on it so I couldn’t contact them. Then I tried calling another individual several times, but they don’t have a voicemail box set up so I can’t leave a message.

Keene Barnett, Owner, Shadyside DeFelice Pizza Shop

He said they need two delivery drivers, one or two kitchen employees and one shift manager.

The owners also said when there are vancies it makes it hard on existing staff because everyone has to work longer hours.