EAST EARL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — With the weather being warmer and the days getting longer, many people want to go for a drive, especially if your car has a convertible or in a Jeep. But there is one thing all cars need to be roadworthy – doors.

According to East Earl Township Police, it is illegal in Pennsylvania to drive a vehicle on any road without doors.

The Pennsylvania code mentions this in the following statute:

Doors – A vehicle specified under this subchapter shall be equipped with doors of a style and type used as original equipment.  The doors shall open and close securely unless the vehicle has been manufactured or modified to the extent that there is no roof or side.

Title 67 Section 175.77(f) 

One exception to this law is any vehicle that has been manufactured without doors. Drivers that drive a vehicle on a roadway in Pennsylvania without doors on their Jeep Wrangler or newer Ford Bronco could be cited for Unlawful Activities, PA Title 75, Section 4107b2, according to East Earl Township Police.

Not only do doors keep dirt and debris out of your car, but they also keep people from being thrown from a vehicle during a crash.

East Earl Township Police states that they are aware of a bill in the Pennsylvania Senate that would eliminate the requirement for doors on cars.

It has passed the state Senate and is now in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.