WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Some could call it a web of deception.

Comments continue to pour in across the nation over whether Republican Congressman-elect George Santos of New York should be sworn into the newest class of House members amid the controversy that he lied on his resume.

The congressman elect isn’t even in office yet, but he’s already under local and federal investigation after revelations over the string of lies.

Some of his admitted lies include that he graduated from college and he didn’t.

He also said he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup and he never did.

Santos even said he was of Jewish heritage and then later denied those claims.

Santos won a district that helped Republicans secure their razor-thin House majority.

Some reports indicate that leaders of the incoming Republican controlled House have tried for weeks to minimize the controversy over the congressman elect.

7News sat down with our political anaylst Kevin Spiker about the controversy surrounding Santos.

It is very sad and unfortunate because once again it gives people another reason to distrust our elected officials, and our system of politics in general anything that chips away at our trust in our government is troubling.

Kevin Spiker, 7News Political Analyst

On Tuesday, defeated Democratic New York Congressional Candidate Robert Zimmerman called on his former opponent, Santos, to resign and run in a new election.