CHARLESTON, WV (IWVP) – A bill making its way through the West Virginia Senate aims to bind promised pay raises for teachers and school personnel to things like charter schools and increased class sizes. While there are some who agree with this omnibus bill, many are pushing to have the elements pulled apart and voted on as single subject bills. 

In segment 1, Fred Albert, the President of the American Federation of Teachers – WV Chapter, talks about the possibility of another teacher walkout in the future.

In segment 2, State Senator Ryan Weld (R-Brooke) looks at the positive impact Charter schools could have on the Mountain State.

In segment 3, State Senator Mike Romano (D-Harrison) talks about separating the proposed education reform bill into individual parts.

In segment 4, Delegate Mark Dean (R-Mingo)talks about the education reform bill from the perspective of a principal.

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