Just one day after a bill was introduced to send $10 million dollars of from the West Virginia budget surplus to fund the border wall, another West Virginia Legislator has weighed in on the proposed legislation.  Sen. Stephen Baldwin (D – District 10), who represents Greenbrier County, took to social media to offer a rebuttal.  

Here is what he had to say:

I generally refrain from commenting on political stunts, but I’ve received numerous questions today (Jan. 15, 2019) and feel compelled to respond. 

1) Yes, three delegates did in fact offer a bill to send $10 million from our state budget to support lengthening a border wall. 

2) No, it won’t pass. It won’t even be put up for a vote. It’s unconstitutional to divert state funds like this. It’s also embarrassing for the nation to see this kind of political stunt. 

3) We have 7,000 children in foster care, 25% of children living in poverty, retirees who haven’t received a benefit raise for decades, crumbling water systems, a veterans nursing home to build, a waiting list a mile long for drug treatment, and that’s just the beginning of our needs. I am proud to work with responsible legislators of both parties and both chambers to solve problems and help people. That’s what we were all elected to do.