STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — For many workers, their union card means higher pay, health benefits and a secure retirement.

And Sherrod Brown and Bob Casey say that security is on the ballot this fall.

While neither of them are on the ballot in November, Senators Brown and Casey are on the campaign trail.

They came to Steubenville today to stump for Democrat candidates for governor and Senate—with a heavy focus on what they would do for American laborers.

They spoke to an audience of mine and steel workers at the IBEW.

Senator Brown told the workers that politicians have sold out America to cheaper labor elsewhere, but that the president and Senate are turning it around.

He believes that politics today isn’t so much about parties as it is about priorities.

Politics is not…I know that some like to say conservative, liberal, moderate, middle of the road. It’s really whose side are you on, and on issues of pensions, every single Democrat in the Senate voted for these workers’ pensions, every Republican voted no.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D)-Ohio

When I was growing up, almost a third of our workforce was unionized. Now it’s down about 10% or even less. And that has contributed to a lot of the divisions in our country.

Sen. Bob Casey, (D)-Pennsylvania

They pointed to the passage of the American Rescue Plan and specifically its child tax credits as an achievement for those who were worried about paying their bills.

Both also said that Americans will begin to see lower drug costs with the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act.