WEIRTON, W.Va.. — (WTRF) Weirton residents opposed to a possible rate increase in their water and sewage bills spoke up at a public hearing Monday night.

Weirton council heard from residents who were concerned about the possible increase, while others said now is the time for the upgrades.

The Weirton Water Plant is receiving Congressional Directed Spending dollars to upgrade their facility.

More than $22 million dollars will go to help increase the city’s water treatment system’s capacity.

Plant officials say this money doesn’t require any payback requirements.

Meantime, the city has moved $2 million dollars to be used for sewer plant upgrades from an original plant to use it on water upgrades.

Both projects will expand the capacity from four million gallons per day to eight million a day.

Weirton Utilities Director A.D. Mastrantoni says they hope to receive bids on this project by the end of the year or early next year.