Florida rapper Forgiato Blow is hitting high notes on iTunes charts with his chart-topping hit “Boycott Target”, but he is claiming that Apple’s censorship is keeping his song off the radar, according to a story from the New York Post.

The Post goes on to say, that the hit song featuring artists Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stony Dudebro was released on May 25 and targets the Retail Company’s Pride-themed children’s clothing.


According to the New York Post, all of this attention has caused the discount retailer to lose $10 billion dollars over the course of 10 days, plummeting Target’s stock values since releasing the “Pride” collection.”

Target’s declining sales are being compared to the failed partnership of Anheuser-Busch and Dylan Mulvaney, which Blow references by carrying stacks of Bud Light through the retail store.

The opening line of “Boycott Target” “Attention all shoppers, there is a clean up on every aisle. Target is targeting your kids'” has garnered nearly a quarter of a million views on Blow’s Youtube Chanel “Mayor of Magville”. Twitter has blown the song up with 4.4 million views, and it has reached #1 on the iTunes charts, surpassing songs by megastars Taylor Swift and Luke Combs.

But Blow is still insisting that he is facing censorship, the New York Post reports that he is shadow banned all over the world. Shadow banning is a technique used by social media platforms to stealthily limit a user’s content and post availability.

According to the story, users are unable to search for “Boycott Target” on iTunes. They must use an external link to access the video.

The rapper expresses through his lyrics that the LGBTQ agenda has gone “too far” according to the story. The 3-minute video, which was shot in a Target store, draws attention to LGBTQ merchandise that is geared toward children.

Blow expresses that it is time to speak out and stand up for kids. He says there is no place for LGBTQ for fourth and fifth graders.

This “culture war” over gender really hit a sore spot with customers when a “tuck-friendly” swimsuit was introduced for trans women. Although the swimwear is labeled for adults only, many shoppers were outraged.

The New York Post reports that Target has announced that the Pride sections would be moved to the back of the store, but it is unknown if any of the Pride-themed children’s clothing or tuck-friendly swimsuits will be removed.