(WTRF) A Religious leader is telling the public to not see the newest Barbie movie because it has “demonic influences” and any child who sees it will behave differently.

Ivan Tuttle is the founder of Ivan Tuttle Ministries International located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Tuttle took to Facebook to warn the public of the new Barbie movie.

“It is full of Demonic influences and do not be surprised if your child suddenly starts to behave differently! The Lord showed me the Millions of Demons that will be released on your children! Don’t take this lightly. “They are Coming for Your Children!”

Ivan Tuttle

The Facebook post reached a lot of people, and Tuttle responded to those that have criticized him.

“Those that are sharing this post making fun of it, God loves you too. God sees who you are and He is there to help you. Just cry out to Him, He will help you. God Bless.”

According to his biography, Tuttle died once and was dead for about three hours, and during those three hours, he experienced hell and heaven and came back to life. Tuttle wrote a book about his experience called “A Journey To Hell, Heaven, and Back”