There are many questions while considering the solar panel approach to powering your home.
That’s where the National Solar Tour comes into play.

Solar users from across the country open their doors for open house informational sessions about the benefits of making the switch.

It just so happens one of these tours was held in our area this morning and we just couldn’t resist the details. 

Missy Glessner, Solar Tour Host tells 7News when you make the switch to solar energy, it’s almost like becoming business partners with your electric company.

“It is a huge chunk up front but there’s a thirty percent tax cut. You get a tax credit and we are now starting to see the fruits. Our electric bills has gone down over 600 percent down,” Glessner said. 

She also says a very common misconception is that going solar wipes you completely off the grid when IN FACT solar users are still tied into their power companies just the same. 

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