ZANESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — He is a very familiar face to the Ohio Valley and Reverend Darrell W. Cummings says he is honored to be the Ohio District Council’s newest Suffragan Bishop who will preside over the entire South-East Region.

On Thursday night, many gathered at the Hallowed Hills Conference Center in Zanesville following the week-long Ohio District Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Conference.

The week culminated with Thursday’s ceremony.

Music, ministry and special guest speakers were all part of the event that preceded the declaration of installation of Reverend Cummings and a ceremony of consecration for District Elders.

Pastor Cummings will now be referred to as Suffragan Bishop and will oversee a total of five regions and 14 churches.

Also, at the ceremony he gained another title, Chairman of the Ohio District Council.

I am greatly honored that our bishop and our board members of the Ohio District Council elected me to this position and I am honored that the Bishop appointed me to be his representative in that area of the state and this is something, my father was a Suffragan Bishop and he’s gone on to be with the Lord, but I just wish my father could be here. I know he’s in heaven and I hope that he is smiling to see his son and continue on with some of the work that he did.

Suffragan Bishop Darrell W. Cummings

Suffragan Bishop Cummings says his first order of business will be to bring his region together and work as a group to help one another and their communities.

He says this event is life-changing and that were times in his life that he thought he would never reach this position, but he says God had mercy on him and God has allowed him to achieve this position and he is indeed very grateful.