WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Pepperoni roll lovers listen up!

The Salvation Army of Wheeling is hosting a pepperoni roll fundraiser for the next six weeks starting this Thursday, April 28th, from 11-2 PM.

The pepperoni rolls will be sold out of the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Truck.

Two locations include the Salvation Army’s office located at 140 16th Street in Wheeling in Ohio County on April 28th.

And another location is in Wetzel County on Thursday, May 5th from 11-2 PM at the Bayer Federal Credit Union located at 17612 Energy Road in Proctor.

We really need to raise money to help people stay in their homes, keep their lights on, keep the water running. So, we are really hoping that we have a great turnout with this fundraiser and that people come out and they support the Salvation Army and the community.

Ashlie Kotson, Salvation Army

Locations will be announced weekly on the Salvation Army Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler counties Facebook page.

Pepperoni rolls will be sold for $5 each.