HARRISON COUNTY OHIO – (WTRF) A furry friend was rescued by a first responder after being stuck out in freezing temperatures and flood water.

He had nowhere to go. The Harrison County dog warden says they don’t know what they would have done without the first responders’ help. 

“The entire area, the streets and backyard where he was totally flooded so, it came up to past my knees.

We couldn’t get there, everything was flooded, we got as close as we could, we went looking for ways maybe we could go on foot, it was just totally flooded.”

Cindi Yanez, Dog Warden, Harrison County dog pound 

She says the owner called for their help but unfortunately the flooding was so severe, her team couldn’t even get to Watson.  

That’s when she called for the Scio Fire Department for backup.  

“He went back there through that water with his waiters and came out holding Watson, who is pretty chubby so he’s no lightweight because he couldn’t walk because the water was too high.

We are so thankful to Scio Fire and Ron Thompson for helping us get Watson to safety.”

Cindi Yanez, Dog Warden, Harrison County dog pound 

She says Watson was scared, cold, and had some minor injuries.

He had been out in the storm the whole night so once he was rescued, they immediately began tending to him.  

He shivered and shivered. As soon as we put him in the kennel, he went in there.

We had blankets down and the floor is heated, which is great.

So soon as we got him in there, he plopped down on that floor, and he didn’t move until we fed him and then he gobbled that up.

Cindi Yanez, Dog Warden, Harrison County dog pound 

Watson is safe and sound at the Harrison County Dog Pound and is so thankful for everyone’s help.